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  • Old Navy
  • Jan 31
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Old Navy should be ashamed of modeling children on twitter, having them pose "Illuminati" symbols.. I wasn't aware that Old Navy is part of a occult secret society. 2 poses listed on the old navy twitter page and I added a picture of other devoted Illuminati members. Add comment

He/She not funny. Unorganized. Hurried. Throwing *** on. So it looks like ***. Do not want to go there to buy ***. Could not tell a sweater, coat or pant design. Absolutely nothing to draw me to the store. Gloves, hats, patterns.. nothing. Didn't know Old Navy sold wigs either. Just awful. I felt as hurried as the commercial to get to my remote and change the channel. Did I say awful?... Read more

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  • Old Navy
  • Dec 28, 2015
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Your television commercial with Alexander (Last name unknown) was utterly disgusting. Not sure why a corporation would pander to a gender confused demographic, minimal percent. I plan to no longer patronize Old Navy, who clearly does not share most of America's values. Add comment

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  • Old Navy
  • Dec 28, 2015
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I am very disappointed with your recent TV ad involving a transgender man/woman. Old navy has always had tasteful commercials in the past, yet you have conceded to popular culture and have gone against the majority of your customer base (the traditional, nuclear family). Btw, we waven't seen any Christian family commercials lately. Very disappointing! Add comment

The commercials for after Christmas sale is so upsetting!!!Why do they feel they need to forcee me to try to explain this to my children!!This . This us playing on unlocked children tv.I eill NEVER ever buy snything again from old navy.!! I will make sure everyone I know knows why.... Read more

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That commercial!!! Wow. I've never gone as far to write a complaint about a commercial but geez!...that transgender commercial, you all went too far! It's disgusting! Was it supposed to be funny? I agree with everyone else, poor taste, where are the family values?! Forcing people to explain transgender to their young kids. I will never shop at your stores again. Read more

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This transgender commercial was incredibly in bad taste ! I had previously thought the company sold clothes to the modern family. I guess I was wrong thank you old navy as I am never setting foot into your store again and if your true market is transgender people then maybe you should go out of business because they represent 2% of the population. I don't push my personal beliefs on anyone and I... Read more

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I've been an art educator for more than 30 years. I used to shop at your store, although recently the quality has declined and I've gone less. My children shop at your store. We will not shop there ever again! And we will share with anyone who will hear us, that shopping at your store supports your choice to sell such an offensive and poorly chosen logo on a shirt. Crossing off "Artist", in... Read more

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I went to the Loop in Kissimmee to shop in Old Navy store. What a disaster! Clothing everywhere and everything chaotic. All the employees were at the register so I couldn't get no one to help me! Went again on December 26th, to see the store a big mess. Even the rooms they had to try the clothing were packed to the ceiling with clothing. Add comment

Thanks Old Navy for forcing me to explain gender roles and sexuality to my 6 year old!! As a parent i should be able to decide if I'm comfortable with my children being exposed to alternative lifestyles, including transgendered and crossdressers- not an ad on tv. This distasteful and inappropriate comercial should not be shown on prime time tv- save it for late night! And from a "family friendly"... Read more

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