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  • Old Navy
  • Apr 27
  • #837125

The Old Navy store off of Sawmill in Columbus area looks like a garage sale and has looked that way for months. Recently, I needed to make a return from some gifts that were given me and they put the money back in my friend's card. The only way to then give me the amount was to call my friend and get her card number over the phone. Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Old Navy
  • Apr 17
  • #831609

By far the most annoying company ever! At least three emails daily to buy their flimsy thin pieces of clothes, that's not worth the price. Add comment

Dear Old Navy, I never write reviews or anything but my experience today was horrible. Horrible customer service and adding for your deals that are going on. I went to the store in Willow Grove, PA. When I went to ring up my clothes everything that I had was the fine print saying some exclusions apply. I don't know why you advertise with signs saying 30% or etc and only one thing on the whole table to 30% off. It was 4 different items. Also, the sales person who rung me up. He was flat out rude. I understand he had to hear my... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Old Navy
  • Apr 03
  • #822447

Old Navy is a Rip Off clothing store who dont need to be in business with those cheap clothes that they just throw an price on them .There women jeans are not made with 2 loop in the back only one there jeans are not made with there name tag on the back when you wash there jeans they change color from dark to light thats tell you that they are cheap jeans. Add comment

I have purchased 2 pairs of shorts a pair of pants and two t-shirts from Old Navy. All of which have had color fading or spotting issues after the first wash. It is not a laundry issue - all of my other clothing is fine, only the Old Navy Items are damaged. The pants and shorts will come out discolored around the waist and pockets. The shirts around the collar. Some of these articles I never even wore and can't return because they have been washed. Is this common with Old Navy clothing? Seems like the quality should be a lot higher. I... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Old Navy
  • Mar 29
  • #819026

The automated system is ***. I was NEVER connected to a human represtative and everytime I said an option the machines had me continuously repeating myself. And my problem is when I pay my bill online instead of them taking the money right then and there they wait until the due date and I really don't like that. Add comment

Very bead they send email with flash sale only in store and when you are in the store they don't respect the offer and I show the email and only say sorry and the most of the time say excluding baby but if I take toddler they don't respect the offer and I ask why is very clear excluding baby no toddler and only the manager look at me and say sorry. Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Old Navy
  • Mar 23
  • #815742

I've rnjoyed most of your commercials but the one for the 50% off pant commercial is the worse. I can no stand that crazy scream perverted lunatic women. What were you giys think. Add comment

It is disgusting that you purchase items from Old Navy, and submit your email to them in the process, and from there after you get spammed with at least three emails from then daily. The worst part is, there is no place in the emails where you can actually unsubscribe, it is truly disgusting. Never had this repercussion after making an online purchase with any store. Read more

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I am so tired of looking online and seeing an item, then click on "find it in the store" at (Akers Mill) 2967 Cobb parkway Atlanta GA. 30339. It ALWAYS says unavailable. Yet when I go into the store they have plenty of them. The last time that happen was today (Feb 26,2016). I ordered a pair of " Patterned Pixie Chinos#208205 /size 2 for Women". Online it says the item is unavailable, when in fact they had several. I should know because I went to the store during my lunch and tried on the pants. What makes me so angry is the fact that I... Read more

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