I purchased a girl's tank top from Old Navy that was covered in defective sequence. The sharp edges on the defective sequence resulted in cuts and scratches to the interior of both of my daughters arms (from underarm right down to her wrists).

I contacted Old Navy to advise them of the defective product and to request that they initiate a product recall and remove the item from their shelves in order to prevent other children from suffering the same. After more than a month and despite me sending the item to their risk management department for assessment (the sharp edges are visible to the naked eye), and showing them photos of the damage that was done, they concluded that the product "meets with their industry standards" and declined to recall the item or remove it from their shelves. Instead, they offered us a $50 gift card for "the inconvenience". I'm pretty sure any item of clothing that causes cutting and scratches does not meet with any standard.

I am disgusted by their lack of concern for their most vulnerable of consumers.

I am even more disgusted by the fact that they are not willing to take any proactive measures (ie remove the item from their shelves) in order to prevent someone else from being hurt. Shame on you Old Navy!!

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Utica, Michigan, United States #669214

Sequin shirts always do this to any one. I had ordered a tank from another store with sequins on top i couldnt stand how it would hurt my chest so i took.it off.

I didnt complain to wetseal where i brought from. Its not their problem. If you knew this shirt did this to your daughter then why did you let her keep wearing it?

I swear the things people complain about these days.. :?


As an employee I can tell you the sequins are all ROUND. You are probably just someone that likes to complain to get free things.

I despise customers like you.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #664658

Number one, you are talking about sequins, not sequence, which is along the lines of one thing following after another after another. Were the edges of the sequins any sharper than normal? Considering what sequins are made out of, there is bound to be some form of sharpness.

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