I am shocked by what I saw at Old Navy in Roanoke Va yesterday! I have seen this before in that store but thought maybe something else was going on.I was in the store and watched as workers were leaving and as they left what I assume was the manager was waiting at the door to frisk them.This was a blonde haired woman waiting at the door frisking workers as they left as if these were some type of criminals.The crime should be what the store charges for their clothes.I can not understand why anyone would allow themselves to be degraded for such a job.

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They do the same thing at my old navy like they don't trust us first off no one puts their hands on me second I am an American it's my right not to be searched


It is called a bag check. The thing is though they are not on the clock and as such it is illegal.

The time clock would be located somewhere in the employee only part of the store. It would be considered working off the clock which would get the store in trouble and the employees can/could easily file a class action lawsuit


@hasbarat below..I certainly know many companies review this site and you seem to be really interested in this.I feel sorry for those who are forced to work for such a company.

to get real #673543

I just like arguing with people. I never said I work there. Happy Tuesday!


Also to the old Navy worker below.I am sure what I saw is on camera so you could easily review it though I am sure you know what I am saying is true.

to get real #672895

I am sure if you thought this was a real issue you would actually report it to Old Navy rather than this website, since no one from the company reviews this. Also, if you are complaining about the quality of the clothes stop shopping there, because no one really cares what you think.

And, I still don't believe you about the frisking, because that is considered assault.


@Old navy hasbarat below.. What I saw and have seen before are a manager (I assume) frisking workers as they leave and I was there on Friday June 28th so I assure you these people were not wearing coats.The worker (a man) held up his arms and was frisked.Maybe you should spend your time trying to improve your stores and find better clothes instead of having $1.50 shirts for $20.00


Old Navy does NOT frisk it's employees. Managers perform coat and bag checks.

The coats are not on the employee's when it happens you tool. Company policy.

Also, if you do not care for the price of the clothes don't shop there.

You are a real d.o.u.c.h.e.b.a.g. Go shop at the Salvation Army f.a.g.g.o.ot

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #672030

Frisking goes a little too far.. Employee theft is the largest source of loss for a company.

Bag searches are common as are the use of clear bags. Can you think of other ways to,control this type of theft

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