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Old Navy is a great store with a horrible manager! She is checking you and following you around the store from the moment you step into the store if you are a from a different nationality and or ethnicity rather than white!

I had a horrible experience and will not be going back to that store while she is working there. The store was a mess and very unorganized and the clothing items are priced incorrectly, when I went to pay she was there assisting another cashier, some items were priced incorrectly and she told me that she was going to go to the back to check if they were priced correctly making it seem as if we had changed the prices on the items when she was seeing how we were grabbing them straight from the racks that were right infront of her! She was very rude and racist, she took the items to the back and took the clearance tags off and very rudely spoke to us saying that we would have to pay full price for the items if we wanted them. This store is the store on 185th and it has horrible customer service and they try taking advantage of the customers, I also witnessed how the same manager took some items from another customer because they were priced wrong and once again that customer was from a different ethnicity.

She was very racist and rude! Don't recommend going to that Old Navy at all!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Old Navy Sales Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Does it ever occur to you numbskulls that the items may have placed NEAR an item that was for sale? As in shirts are on top of the table, pants on the bottom, there's a sale sign on the bottom...

corresponds to pants. If there's a sale sign on the FRONT of a rack, it doesn't mean the items behind or in front of it are for sale as well. Companies design these policies, not the customers, and certainly not associates.

As for removing clearance tags from items... you're reaching there boo-boo kitty.


I'm a different color than you and the same thing happen to me! It's very irritating!!! I could see where I would think it's color if I were opposite.

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