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They advertise it in the email with these big bold letters SUPER CASH, you have to actually scroll all the way down to the very bottom just to see that you need to spend a certain amount to redeem a certain amount. So you're telling me I have to spend more than the coupon is worth just to get the the FULL amount off?

I don't shop at Old Navy regularly so I'm thinking it's like free cash at least that's what they advertise it as in the email... should of known it was too good to be true.

I understand there's exclusions to coupons because I work in retail but why are they advertising it as free cash and then when you get to the register just to get told you got spend more? As a company dont advertise something as free cash and then have unnecessary exclusions, why not just say "$40 off reward when you spend $100" or something along the lines of whatever the customer is rewarded.

Product or Service Mentioned: Old Navy Coupon.

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Super Cash No Exclusions! I tried to use my Super Cash with another coupon code, but when I went to checkout online I could use my Super Cash No Exclusion code.

I called Old Navy and asked why I couldn’t use the Super Cash and I was told that it could not be combined with another discount. Excuse me, isn’t that an exclusion. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, U was put on hold, after more than 23 minutes a message came on saying Old Navy was closed. I called back, and after another 8 minutes on hold, a representative came in and told me the same thing.

I tried to explain that this No Exclusion was actually false advertising, apparently the overwhelming number of customers calling beloved the same thing.

Dissatisfied Customer, I will definitely rethink being an ON credit card holder as well as shopping there. This false advertising will wind up costing them more than a few dollars.


I just found this out - and they also lie about how much you actually have. For two weeks now I’ve been getting emails saying I have $120 in super cash - so I was like “great I’ll start my Christmas shoppinh early” - well low and behold today is the day that super cash can finally be used - and not only do I have less super cash than they claimed (the email I got today said “we’re giving you $90 in super cash”) plus it cannot all be used in 1 purchase.

I got 4 codes - one for $50 in super cash with a $125 purchase, two more for $20 with a $50 purchase each, and one for $10 with a $30 purchase. I set up an order that came to a little over $200, which you would think would mean I could use $70 worth of super cash, but Old Navy only allowed me to use 1 code.

So I ended up separating my order, and because after the super cash used on the 2nd order was smaller, I tried using the free shipping with super cash purchases code, but Old Navy processed the order and ignored that code, charging me $7 for shipping. And I’m still wondering what happened to that other $30 in super cash I was supposed to have, This may be my last purchase from Old Navy after this none sense.


I receive daily e-mails from Old Navy and they were having a lot of promo's and discounts to build up to the Super Cash weekend on 09/08 - 09/16/2018. I haven't purchased new clothing in over a year I'm a guy who spends money or gadgets and normally only buy clothing when I have to.

So I received an e-mail that was 50% off all jeans and you can earn "Super Cash". I thought that was great I would buy 10 pair of jeans now and then 10 later during super cash and just pay the different. After I received the "Super Cash" e-mail I noticed it's use $10 toward every $25 you spend! That's 40% off which is fine but if I would have known I would have just bought more pants during the 50% off deal.

Not to mention every single day/week they have 40% off deals which can't be combined with super cash so what really is the point of super cash if the deals are about the same anyway? They are just going to do away with deals during the super cash weekend to make it feel like your getting a discount when that same discount has been available prior and will be available after the super cash even.


Agree, it's false advertising and a bait/switch!!!! "Here's SUPER CASH, but oh not really, it's really only some $ off if you spend $$$ above the SUPER CASh!" This is definitely NOT cash, it's a coupon! Total BS!


So, what? Are you going to sue the company over the title of a coupon?

The title has nothing do with the fine print. Good thing none of you are ad execs.


I'm glad I wasn't the only one this happened to! I "earned" the super cash, and thought it was like Kohls cash...

not so much.

I was slightly embarrassed when the cashier had to point out the fine print to me when I tried to use this coupon. They shouldn't call it "cash", when it's actually just a coupon.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who was deceived by this "super cash". I left the store feeling very frustrated because of the false advertising.

I guess I'm used to Kohls cash, where you actually get to spend all the "cash" you earn without having to spend more money in-store.

I feel really ripped off right now. They should just follow Kohls' model and they'd have a lot more happy customers.

to Natalie1 #1557839

They’re both 40% off at the end of the day. At Kohl’s you get 10 for every 50 so if you spend 50 they give you 10 in “cash” for a later date.

However old navy gives you a coupon for ever 25 spent. So if I go and spend 25 they give me 10 off... so technically you spend 50 and save 10.

Just like at Kohl’s. Old Navy just divides it.


Im an avid Old Navy shopper, I think the fact of the matter is that it didn’t use to work this way. Now they did the switch a roo spend x to get x off and that is annoying!!


Same issue! Why not say its 40 pecerent off your next purchase?

Its not super and its not cash.

Your asking your consumer to spend more money. When in 2 weeks the whole store will go on sale again.

Not gonna say how much i spent.

But lets just say i have 120 bucks of super crap.

Ho ho ho.

Returning my stuff and heading to Kohls


I totally agree! Also, you can't use any coupon codes when you use Super Cash so basically to use Super Cash, you will always be forced to pay full price.

Super Cash is not super at all.

Grrrrrrrrrr. I've wasted so much time trying to spend mine and decided to just rip them up.


Totally agree.

They advertised it falsely.

They need to take notes for stores like DSW, that give cash back regularly when you spend. But also wil give coupons that say spen a certain amount to get a certain amount off


It's not Old Navy's fault you fell for the OLDEST retail trick in the book. Read the fine print.

It's there so customers like you don't cause scenes and be huge babies because they aren't getting their way. It's your fault, not Old Navy's.

Dumfries, Virginia, United States #1299762

For a retail employee you certainly are not very savvy. It does say "earn" 10/20/30 etc.

when you SPEND, and to REDEEM, etc. I love how people only read numbers when it benefits them


This is a common sales hook. Other stores use it and it does help them sell product.

If you are too slack to read the coupon, where it is clearly printed the rules, you do not deserve to access the Internet. Please hang up and try again.


It's crazy to me that people will complain about a $30 coupon. The company could just stop giving them out, y'all aren't entitled to coupons.

Houston, Texas, United States #1285831

I work at ON and I can't tell you how annoying it is that people don't know how to read a {{Redacted}} coupon. Honestly, you literally just have to read the front of the coupon it specifically says "$10 off when you spend $25 or more" WHY IS THAT SO HARD jesus.

People are freaking entitled morons. Retail marketing is meant to catch your eye but you still have to {{Redacted}} read it!

to EMPLOYEE #1447645

They’re complaining at the fact that they changed them to 10 dollars off they use to be dollar for dollar so you’ll get more off I’m sure they can read

to EMPLOYEE #1460053

We are just saying there is nothing "Super" about it. Yes it's in the fine print, but they are useless if you can't combine with other discounts. I just purchased a couple of items and got the online deal of 30% off, which ended up being more than the "super cash".

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