I went in and was looking for some new Spring attire. When walking by the sports wear, I saw a manager yelling at an employee in front of all of the customers and fellow employees.

It was very unprofessional of the manager to be yelling at the employee like that. She should have taken the employee into the back room or somewhere where everyone couldn't hear what was going on, or be able to know their business.

Everytime I go to this location, it always seems like some type of drama is going on with management and employees. Also, the store in my area always seems so messy, and there never seems to be enough employees out on the floor.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #810037

I am writing an email in regards to an issue I had at the Old Navy location in Fort Worth, Texas near Hulen Mall.

I had received old navy bucks that i had anxiously waited to use.

Spend 75.00 and save 30.00. The effective date was yesterday April 27th.

I waited in line. I had placed the items one by one because I wanted to watch my dollar amount to apply my old navy bucks.

The first item was shorts, the second item(pants) rang up. I told the cashier that the signs in the store indicated the shorts was 17.99. Not 22.00. She rudely said there is no shorts, this are pants and pulled them out the bag up and high for the store to see.

I ignored it. I told her the first item I handed her was shorts. After verification she changed the $ amount.

Then I seen my total was $79.00 and some change.

I told her I didn't need the $5.00 hair tie after all. I then attempted to hand her the old navy bucks when she again rudely told me " No, You can not use that". Which left me puzzled. I told her the total amount says $79.00 some change she said " that is after taxes".

I at that point had enough. I told her ok, go ahead and add the hair ties. While she rang that up to my total. I asked her if she was the managers.

She replied yes I am one of them. I asked for her name. And I left the store upset with Trudy/store manager. I felt that was not the way to speak to a customer let alone in the position she has.

I have gone to many stores, and in that case the cashier would state " you are few dollars away from so&so. Would you like to add something to your total".

That would of seemed very understandable to say in such case instead of being rude.

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First Born Triplet
Markham, Ontario, Canada #802192

Still I don't think it matter what the manager was yelling at the employee about, they could have yelled at them in their office, that way they would only be heard and not seen.


You left out what the manager was "yelling" at the employee about. This kind of sounds like an employee that doesn't like their job...


You have no way of knowing what caused the uproar, or how serious it was. Also, it isn't any of your business. If an employee doesn't like the way they are being treated, they are always free to quit.

to anonymous #950075

Nobody deserves to treated like an animal, and this customer is right to be disgusted, ***

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