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My mother in-law always shops at Old Navy for my husband and I. Every year I tell her my size, every year she buys me a larger one and without the gift receipt.

I went in to exchange it for smaller one, NOPE! I have to give them my item and they will send me a check.

I then have to wait for the check and then go back and hopefully they still have what I wanted. By the time I get the check they don't have the color or the size, I just want a smaller size,

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Jedi Knight Ethan

Either you embarrass your mother by wearing tight fitting clothes so she gets you the larger size because you don't know how fat you are or our mother is a dummy and does not know how to read when you mention your size. The employees are just doing their job.

If you cannot act your age then perhaps you still need mommy to shop with you to make sure you behave yourself.

bluetinanich same advice for you. You are lucky they did not call the police on you for the threat you mentioned on your review on complaintsboard.com


Rules are rules people. You make exceptions for one person you have to do it for everyone.

Do you know how many unethical and dishonest people are out there? You are pissed because you didn't get what you want because you didn't have what they want. Follow the rules. So tired of people *** and whining about a store on here because they did not bother to check with the sore first on the return policy.

Things change ALL the time because of scammers and theft. Want someone to blame?

Blame them. Or blame yourself for not calling ahead.


I am an employee at Old Navy and you should have been able to exchange for the same item, different size, different colors, without your receipt. I am pretty sure the rules are the same nationally.

If you wanted to exchange they should have asked you if it was for the same item. If you were trying to exchange for a DIFFERENT item, it is true, the credit does have to come through the mail, but that is to protect against theft and loss. The intent is not to cause any inconvenience to the customer. If you were given a gift receipt, which we do offer, then you would have been able to exchange it for anything else as well.

I apologize that whoever rang you up did not know what they were doing, and there is bad customer service anywhere you go.

It does sadden me that it happens in the company I work for though, when I know at MY store we STRIVE to give the best customer service! I know I sound like a robot, but I am being sincere!


I work at Old Navy and I don't know whether its different in Canada than in the states but we offer an exchange for the same item no problem, if not you get the price the item is coming up for at the time you come In and you're given a merchandise certificate which is basically a credit note, in store... so obviously rules are way different where ever you live.. or the employees have no idea what they're doing...


The employees are just doing their jobs. It says in the return policy that you must have a receipt to return or exchange.


Same issue--jeans returned--wanted to send me credit in mail--I stuck to my guns and the manager let me exchange the merchandise for different sizes, different merchandise!!! Consumers must stand up for themselves--don't take it!!! They will have to change or lose a lot of customers.


Same problem. Old navy would not let us exchange for different size of the exact same product. Will not shop at old navy again and have posted on Facebook that we want no gifts from old navy.


Evey year?! What are you, a glutton for punishment?! I think it's time to tell your mother-in-law the problems you have every year.

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